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Markus Murphy - Not just another 80's emulation because his lead guitar pierces through the mix!

We are very hyped to introduce Markus Murphy and his latest single today. Markus has had relative success in his immediate music scene, collaborating with several respected Montreal’s musicians. “ROLLING” was born from one of their recording sessions, already showing promising streaming numbers.

“ROLLING” itself catapults the listener off into another dimension, where everything is groovy and wobbles at a neo-80s rate. With his dreamy vocals, Markus tells a story of embracing positive feelings when they come, applauding his love for LOVE. I’d also like to applaud his ability to harmonize effectively - great call-and-response execution!

Overall production and arrangement-wise, I would say Markus’ music reminisces a cool blend of Tame Impala and Peach Pit elements. But do not mistake this as another Tame emulation, because the lead guitar fuzzily pierces through like it was made to center you.

Listening to Markus’ artistry has been a pleasure and we will keep an eye out for more. We got info that he is undoubtedly releasing plenty of stuff this year, but in the meantime, transport yourself into his universe so you could be ROLLING. Link below!

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