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Jean Cabbie & The Secret Admirer Society

It doesn’t cease to amaze me the variety of talent we are introduced here at Underrated Fresh Art. This time we are getting involved with a Puerto Rican 4 piece band with discographies dating back to 1997!

The piece in question, “Possession”, feeds the souls of the classic rocky bunch. One unique aspect of this track is the implementation of flutes halfway through. I think it suits the arrangement they are going with. The vocalist’s timbre is pleasantly nasally, enacting somber and interesting juxtapositions with the rest of the instrumentation. I also like the tremolo effect they use to glue sections together right around ~2:35 which turns into a simple yet effective guitar solo/trade-off.

In essence, Jean Cabbie has a great song out in the world! And as with every great song, you have to honor it by giving it a purposeful cover art - not just a picture of the band’s live performance.

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