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Tally Koren - “The Garden of Love” is painted very carefully to show feats of tranquility & honesty!

It seems only natural to emphasize artists/acts who display a more peculiar extravagance. Tally Koren is today’s name, and she is blessing us with an opera (sometimes called ‘bel canto’) singing style. Let’s dive right into her “The Garden of Love”!

A soothing mezzo voice, the singer uses vocal techniques to colorize the track. The song itself speaks volumes about finding peace and love - sensible lyrics frame this into a virtue that always brings positivity. In terms of other instruments, I like the muted percussion - still present but tame enough to make Tally’s story bloom. The atmospheric strings enact an ethereal mood of the track. In my mind’s eye, I do see the garden of love feeling otherworldly, warm and cozy - kudos to the artist for extracting such a visual-scape of the song.

If we may open a tiny door for improvement, the only thing keeping the listener from being bored during chorus repetitions are the added harmonies. This is fine, but perhaps the energy could’ve been played around with, for example, through different note attenuation/extension.

Regardless of minor subjective opinions, this artist and this track has a definite aura on its own. “The Garden of Love” has been painted very carefully to show feats of tranquility and honesty.

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