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Super Fëmmes - “Love & War” ~ All is fair in love, war, and dance-pop!

There must be something in the water. Well, besides hydrogen and oxygen molecules, of course, how else do you explain the sheer amount of excellent retro dance-pop that has emerged this year? Into that crowded (yet truly excellent) field comes another hot, infectious single that is both retro and forward-looking…the driving electro-jam “Love & War” from pop quartet Super Fëmmes.

Unlike the myriad of 80s-influenced songs that have emerged so far this year, these four talented folks have journeyed back to the past to bring back the sound of mid-90s dance pop. Indeed, if you were a fan of club-ready grooves like the works of Cathy Dennis, Crystal Waters, and (especially) Planet Soul, grab your glow sticks and prepare to get down with your bad selves.

“Love & War” is an infectious dance-pop confection with the expected pulses and beats with lyrics that take a sideways glance at the complexities of relationships that play far better than printed words can convey. Rather than a hackneyed miasma of cliches, what we have here is a genre-blending confection that belongs in the playlists of anyone who wants electronic dance pop with an edge. Even the rap section works! This may be retro sounding, but this is NOT a Spice Girls-esque fake “girl power” anthem, not in the least. The emotions laid bare here feel genuine, and even better, are delivered by four more than capable vocalists who can make you believe while making you tap your feet.

It’s rare to find a track that can fit into both “work-at-home” AND club playlists, but that’s exactly what we have here. Go ahead and give this song a few spins...your ears will be glad you did!

Listen to "Love & War" on Spotify here -

You can check out Super Fëmmes instagram here:

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