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Sugarglass - “Slipping Through" ~ An enjoyable slice of melodic pop punk!

Pop-punk quartet Sugarglass released their debut single "Slipping Through" in October (followed by an acoustic version of the same song a month later). Despite a few minor issues, they should have a bright future ahead based on what’s here.

"Slipping Through" is definitely a bit of an earworm. The vocals are a wee bit pitchy but it suits the song well. If it were better mixed, it would be less of an issue, but alas, there are a few issues with the mix that detract from an overall catchy and well-written song. The drums sound like they were recorded from a distance; the issue isn't the volume level in the mix (indeed, they are a bit loud during the intro) but rather they sound like they were recorded at a low gain and much of the punch was lost. In addition, the bass is a bit buried in the mix. Conversely, the acoustic version has none of these issues; it may sound a bit "clean" but that suits the melody far better. Vocally, lead singer Toddi sounds more at home on the acoustic version, as it fits better in the mix. Have I mentioned how much I dig the guitar solo? Cause I do!

Either way you go, both versions of "Slipping Through" are enjoyable, especially for a debut release. The issues with the mix aren’t major, and the songwriting is right on point. Sugarglass are a band to watch, methinks. Definitely recommended!

Listen to “Slipping Through" on Spotify here:

Check out Sugarglass' Instagram here:

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