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Steven Keene - “Wicked Messenger" ~ Come and try out some emotional honky tonk!

Danceable, rowdy, and plain cool - all adjectives geared to best explain this new track from Steven Keene. Who can best talk about this tune if not the man himself….but we’ll try our best here.

In short, we are confronted with syncopations galore, a real “traveling circus” of sound. But at its core, “Wicked Messenger" tells the story of a man who's trying to be honest. Perhaps this man is vague, or perhaps he’s just trying to be real, but with realness comes negative interpretations sometimes.

About the instrumentation: while not exactly country, it still captures the Americana essence through various licks commonest in the West. Bluesy bits = tasty bits is the motto of this track. If we had a regional radio show here at UFA, we’d definitely put "Wicked Messenger" on its roster. But who are we kidding?? We do have that! Go stream this captivating tune and explore the Western wildness with the link below!

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