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Saturamas - Adding Venezuelan flavor to the indie lo-fi rock movement in a moody, nostalgic vibe!

For today’s review we are discussing the artist Saturamas and his new track - “Birras y Nintendo”. We’ve heard the Venezuelan native take on many different genres in the past, and it’s always enticing to hear where his ear leads him next, so let’s take a listen!

Well, the new single, "Birras y Nintendo", pays homage to the funky and rocky blends of guitar licks as can be audible in some of The Kooks’ or Red Hot Chili Peppers’ discographies. Of course, Saturamas does not give some identical copy of his influences’ work, because the synths scattered around the track lay an additional 80’s nuanced vibe. You have to admire the choruses at ~1:36 and ~2:28. They are tasteful in the way they propel the track, and really point out the song’s statement. The creative decision to include a guitar solo is also worth mentioning. Statistics show that less and less songs use guitar solos - and of course Saturamas goes against the wave!

Overall, Saturamas is a real underrated gem of the artist community, bringing back and blending different trends in a cauldron of sound. “Birras y Nintendo” calls for an honest listen, as the vibe of the track can be enjoyed pretty much in any setting.

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