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Ninni - “For the Last Time” ~ Melancholic pain mixed with hopeful optimism!

A little-discussed downside about listening to a lot of music (both for fun and for work) is that as a listener, one tends to become a bit desensitized to “emotional” music; no matter how heartfelt a song may be, it becomes hard to genuinely feel the emotion conveyed. Thankfully, one listen to Naples-based alt-folk artist Ninni’s new song “For the Last Time” should cure that malady extremely quickly.

Heartfelt, tender, and incredibly moving, “For the Last Time” plays like a combination of latter-day Bryan Ferry mixed with mid-70s vintage Tom Waits, albeit in a modern indie folk vein. In a recent interview, Ninni stated that “For the Last Time” is “a little song I wrote for our loved ones who are not with us anymore…” Such a feeling could come off as hackneyed and cliched from a lesser artist; instead, Ninni blends the melancholic pain of losing a loved one with a surprising touch of hopeful optimism that fills the listener with light as he sings about the darkest part of the human experience. Such a feat is incredibly hard to do, yet Ninni accomplishes that task with ease. Prepare to listen with a tear in your eye and a smile on your face.

Production-wise, this is one of the most pristine productions I have heard in a very long time. Here is concrete proof that a song can sound lush and majestic without having to rely on technological trickery. Indeed, this accomplishes the seemingly impossible by having a stripped-down yet complex arrangement, that adds a grandeur to the proceedings. The phrase “masterpiece” is often thrown around with little care to its meaning, yet there is no other word that could describe what we have here. Rest assured, “For the Last Time” will not be the last time we hear from Ninni!

Listen to "For the Last Time" on Spotify here:

You can check out Ninni’s instagram here:

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