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Nick Noon – “Costumes" ~ A homely homage to electric moods we know and love!

Our first and foremost sample starting at 0:00 brings forth some ethereal scenery, setting the scene to worlds you’re about to explore. Nick Noon does not beat around the bush when it comes to genuine artistry. For him, it seems, the instrument is a wand, and music is the spectacle. Blended acoustic and electric guitars find their niche here, harmonizing outwith stories of perception, fleeting gloom, and fun!

This whole piece is very scenic, and very theatrical. It reminds us of some of the most well-known tracks from Electric Light Orchestra resembling that wild, while at the same time, calculated composition. <<Costumes>> teeters on expression, a virtue rearing its head every once in a trend cycle.

We urge you to experience the different moods instilled in this track - from its (I’m guessing French) sample to a truly bespoke soundscape reminiscent Electric Light Orchestra. Treat yourself!

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