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Julia Klot - “Boxing Gloves” ~ A Technical Knock-Out!

Frequent readers of this blog know how often I compare current songs to songs from the 80s and 90s; it’s almost a meme at this point, as the youngsters say. Well, here we have a case where, yes, there is a retro sound here, but this time we’ve hit the 70s!

“Boxing Gloves”, the soulful (and playful) new single from talented vocalist Julia Klot, has a certain gritty aesthetic that would’ve fit right at home in the mid-70s, especially in regards to its arrangement. Indeed, the horns- and-Wurlitzer vibe are right out of the playbook of the sadly departed Christine McVie, and are harbingers of a long-gone era that perhaps never really existed but perhaps should have.

Elevating the song from a period piece to a timeless slice of pop heaven, it’s Klot’s velvety vocals that really hit the mark. She’s been performing since the tender age of six, and it definitely shows in the quality of her vocals. There’s a certain panache and effortless swagger on display that are endearing, and are a vital essence for “Boxing Gloves” to hit the heights it does in its 4-minute run time. There are very few vocalists that could make a song about toxic friendships sound like the very essence of fun, but Klot nails it and then some.

Needless to say, “Boxing Gloves” was an enjoyable listen from start to finish. There are certain moments in the song where the listener almost wants to go back and here that certain section again, but can’t as they also want to hear it all the way through too. That’s a moment that sadly becomes increasingly rare as one gets older but is a vibe I’m happy to say I’ve felt on more than one occasion. Give “Boxing Gloves” a shot in the ring, and you’ll feel it too. Highly recommended.

Listen to "Boxing Gloves" on Spotify here -

You can check out Julia Klot’s website here:

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