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Jensig - ‘Out of Control’ ~ Unique, fascinating picture in sound from an exciting new artist!

The "reviewer" is getting reviewed today on this auspicious occasion of crossing 100 published reviews on our humble music blog, where discovering and writing about global independent artists and their work is our main focus! So first of all, we THANK YOU everyone, our viewers and community friends who are supporting the independent artists, and we hope for your continued musical journey with us!

Indie artist Jensig’s track ‘Out of Control’ is an astonishing original mix, with a vibrant, dynamic production and a lot of curious sounds to fascinate the ears. This creative composition has a fluid-like, otherworldly vibe, that holds the attention all through its quirky musical journey. Great ideas in the mix blend together well to paint an impressive abstract, Picasso-like picture in sound; that also has the feel of the conventional in its smooth progression, and for the most part, curiously comforting tones.

Certainly something different in Jensig’s sound; and like all interesting new music, it is a welcome departure from the norm. ‘Out of Control’ is a track to revitalize our dedication to seeking out and listening to, the latest work from unknown artists; who, like this one, may have more than a few pleasant sonic surprises up their sleeve.

Check it out below, you won't be disappointed!

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