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Jennifer Alvarado – “Catfish" ~ Country pop rock with an attitude reminiscent of the ‘90s and ‘00s !

"Catfish" easily establishes itself as a country pop-rock song with its twangy-sounding main riff. Don’t let the tagline fool you. Even if it is highly reminiscent of the ’90s to ‘00s feeling songs, this is still one highly original track that’s sure to fit your playlist.

The song starts off with Jennifer Alvarado calmly singing the first few lines as the main riff plays—a good build-up towards the stronger chorus parts. The transition to the chorus is well executed as well—with the sudden stop adding a more dramatic effect to lead to the next portion. The hook is also easy to memorize and you’ll find it’s easy to sing along and remember the parts. In a way, the arrangement reminds me of Hugo’s cover version of 99 Problems—only faster, cleaner, and more fun.

Surprisingly, with how well the song was done and how the song topic was laid out, you’d be surprised to find out that Jennifer Alvarado’s early influences were more on the Christian side of music. She started writing at just four years old. However, even in her teens, she mostly delved into leading worship—even releasing her first single "Relentlessly” in 2015 and her first Christian album “Hello Life” soon after.

Catfish is sure to be a mainstay in a lot of country music fans' playlists, but it is so well produced that even non-fans of the genre would be mistaken to dismiss this as just “one of those” tracks.

Listen to "Catfish" on Spotify here:

You can check out Jennifer Alvarado’s website here:

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