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Enid - Their latest song “And I” - a professional alt rock track really worthy of charting radios!

Enid, meaning “spirit” or “soul”, is our latest addition to the music review blog. The band has exhibited a knack for psych/alt rock amalgams due to tasteful blending of individual members’ tastes. Their track in question for today is “And I” - let’s have a look, shall we?

Right off the bat, I like the energy of this track. It effortlessly combines synthesized and acoustic instruments as if they emerged from the same source. Enid’s most unique proposition, in my opinion, is the singer’s vocals. In nerdy-specifics language, the little chromatic trills she does during the chorus are quite rare to come by in today’s music. The singer has this seething duality of loopiness and elegance in her timbre, pulling the listener into their rabbit hole adventure. This track is quite peculiar because it has the illusion of not stopping although there are breaks to give your ears a rest.

Overall, the best comparison I would give is, Enid’s sound quite heavily emulates the album “Melophobia” by Cage the Elephant. Dan Auerbach (album’s co-producer) would be proud! There is not much more to say about this track except our eagerness for every pair of noise-sensing organs to gift themselves a listen.

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