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The Trusted - “Doomsday” ~ Rock never died!

Who says rock is dead? Definitely not me after hearing “Doomsday”, the latest release from British rock band The Trusted, a song so driving and dynamic that I was half tempted to check the calendar to see if I was still in 2023.

First off…the bass. I never realized how much I missed the warm sound of a slightly fuzzy bass guitar until just now. As a (somewhat middling) bassist myself, this was something I greatly appreciated. Shades of Jet circa 2005 throughout, which is definitely a plus. If anyone here is a fan of the soundtrack for MVP Baseball 2005 from EA Sports, you’ll absolutely love this.

The guitar solo…yeah I’m feeling it big time. The way the solo plays off the drums and fits in the mix just so… *chef’s kiss*. Never realized how much I missed this sound until just now.

Melodically, if this got any catchier I’d recommend a vaccine of sorts…this WILL be stuck in your head for hours. The word “insta-classic” is often tossed around with little regard but it’s definitely appropriate here.

Everything here is mixed perfectly, from the excellent vocals to the drums, and I’m immediately transported to an earlier, happier period when things were a bit simpler. This is classic mid-2000s rock at its very best, and my life feels fuller for having heard it. Highly recommended.

Listen to "Doomsday" on Spotify here -

You can check out The Trusted’s website here:

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