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Darià Artiola's “Feeling In Your Heart” - where math rock & synth elements dance, one over another!

Today we are reviewing some psychedelic melting goodness from Daria Artiola. The artist gave us a whole self-titled album to review. One song, “Feeling In Your Heart”, left me bedazzled in particular. It felt like a successful experiment - hearing math rock and synth elements dancing one over another. Also, the tribal, punchy percussion breaks really set the album’s overall image.

However, I’m afraid the least gripping aspect of the song are the vocals. It’s either the timbre pulling in another direction or dryness itself. Simple chorus/warmth effect could let it sit comfortably along its psych-scape. I see Daria as an artist who knows what he’s doing instrumentally..only the vocal production were preventing it from boosting to another level.

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