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Cecile Naïla - ‘Rosa Illumina' ~ A journey inside-alongside a spiritual, bilingual bard!

Almost unprompted, Cecile Naïla has blessed us with reviewing a medley of her serene songitude. An artist in her own right, her talent transpires genres not only in the form of vocals and guitar, but also by the wisdom foretold by special lyricism.

It’s not a usual day that we get an acoustic-based solo act who lets their lyrics flow in several languages. For Cecile’s most recent single, Rosa Illumina, that’s what we get in buckets and more. The most bedazzling part of this musical journey, that is Rosa Illumina, is that it’s actually a healing experience. Spanning 7 minutes long, the listener is swished back and forth from outside consciousness back in. This dance with wakefulness is exactly what the public needs nowadays.

To sum it all up, Cecile and “Rosa Illumina” illuminates your soul in compassion. It’s best if people experience Cecile’s musical healing powers for themselves. Check the link below!

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