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Bad Bubble - “Alive” (Reimagined) ~ Compelling vocals meld perfectly with absorbing soundscape!

The original recording of "Alive" by Angie Kuske, has a luscious, uplifting wave of euphoric feeling in the chorus and a general happy, bouncy vibe all through; you could be in a summer garden with butterflies all around you. But here, in Bad Bubble's re-imagined version, the light, sunny, more conventional arrangement exuding the girl's emotions riding high, is taken over by the musically sculpturing hands of an artist who relishes the opportunity to mold the music in his own image so to speak. It's an altogether broader, deeper, more engaging vision he has for the track.

Instantly impressive is the great variation of sound in the mix. The rapid, energetic military march-like beat, gives a strong, edgy underpinning, suggesting a confident, unwavering course for the music. A low-end keyboard riff, serious, steady, and reliable, makes for an interesting contrast when paired with a higher-pitched, joyful keyboard riff full of life-affirming optimism. It's like two different people; maybe the artist is reflecting two sides of himself in the instrumental arrangement here; the serious and the joyful. The very distinctive, compelling vocal melds perfectly with the bold, creative way this stand-out-from-the-crowd mix has been put together. There's even an angelic vocal harmony, adding a sweet emotive touch, to what is already something of an emotionally charged track.

It's an amazing transformation from the butterflies in the garden, happy girl vibe, to Bad Bubble's close-to-abstract work of art in music; that still retains a precious power, in its ability to lift the mood of the listener, while going tantalizingly further in providing an absorbing soundscape to get fully immersed in.

Listen to "Alive - Reimagined" on Youtube here -

You can check out Bad Bubble’s website here:

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