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Anaté - “After" ~ A carefully chosen stylish mix of sensuality & confidence, with a late '90s vibe!

Indie Pop Duo Anaté’s influences are very prevalent in their latest track "After". It’s no secret that their influences involve the likes of Hooverphonic and Massive Attack so it comes as no surprise that this song follows the styles of those artists—a very sleek downtempo song with lots of character to back it up. The slow verses which transition to a very beat-heavy-sounding chorus really help build up the song's form. But don’t be fooled by this, After is by no means an outdated song. In fact, it could very well be a sign that a track of said influences can still incorporate innovative-sounding grooves while still carrying the character it chooses to have.

Singer / Songwriter Ana’s chill vocals could easily stand toe-to-toe with someone like Dua Lipa — who I would say bears a similar tone, range, and even attitude. The seamless switch from a relaxed singer to someone who exudes confidence is remarkable—effectively making the song even more powerful. All of this, while staying on a level and at par with the backing melody—a simple drum, bass, and synth combination.

Meanwhile, Producer Andrea’s choice of when to warm up or cool down really adds to the downtempo vibe that the duo identifies with. One could easily play this in a club and watch people move with the variations of tempo within the song itself—a testament to how potent the choices he has made to this track. It is a song that one would not be surprised to hear after or during a round of Gran Turismo—and surprisingly, it does fit well there. A high-octane track that is carefully mastered to slow down when it has to but knows when to bring it back up once the energy has been recharged.

I especially love the way the word “After” is used throughout the song. Literally, it comes after (pun intended) every phrase of the chorus which adds that extra kicker to the song. These are done tastefully though as to not overdo them and waste the mood it adds.

If you’re looking for a song to play that can recharge your batteries during a night out or a busy drive, After just might be the one you’re looking for—and I bet, you won’t be tired of the song after.

Listen to "After" on Spotify here:

You can follow Anaté on Instagram here:

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