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Aimée - “Hurt Like Hell” ~ So infectious, it deserves its own CDC threat level!

As a reviewer, one of the most difficult aspects is being able to sift through PR hyperbole and in some cases straight-up lies in order to boost the artist’s credibility. The latest release from Dublin pop sensation Aimee, the absolutely brilliant “Hurt Like Hell”, however, deserves every bit of kudos you may read.

Simply put, this is a phenomenal song. Melodically, this is one of the few songs in recent memory that would work in any style or genre; take this same melody and refashion it as an instrumental piano ballad and it would still work just well. Thankfully, we don’t need to find out because as it is, “Hurt Like Hell” is an amazingly catchy and well-sung pop masterpiece that sounds like it should be a massive global hit at any moment, waiting for someone like Charli what’s-her-name to lip-synch to it while drinking a beverage from the second-best coffee mega-franchise.

As my generation was fond of saying, “let’s not get it twisted”...Aimee does not need any Tik Tok influencer to make any more of a mark than she already has. Indeed, this isn’t your cookie-cutter pop starlet of generations past…this lady can flat-out sing. Prime Demi Lovato, pre-problematic Sia, or Natasha Bedingfield levels, and that’s not hyperbole in the slightest.

Full-on, go listen to this track. If you enjoy edgy pop music with a chorus so infectious that it deserves its own CDC threat level, then this one’s for you.

Listen to "Hurt Like Hell" on Spotify here -

You can check out Aimée’s website here:

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