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Do you think you have the voice or musical talent?
Share with us! Let's make unique and beautiful music to share with the world!

Here in OG Music, actively operational for around 2 years now and enjoying decent success and popularity worldwide with some of our collaborations, we’re all artists and musicians who have all faced the same situations you are facing and that’s why getting your music heard and exposed to the world is our utmost priority. Release your music with us! We run a distribution that puts artists' music on all major digital platforms worldwide. All of these can help you get the much-needed early boost in audience reach and exposure to kickstart your musical journey! Let's get busy!

Easy Affordable Audio Mastering & Mixing Engineer Services. Hire our audio mastering expert services and get your audio project done in a short time and through discussions so that it fits your sound taste. Starts at just $50 (negotiable). Hurry!

As artists, we ourselves have been facing constant abuse and sabotage of our creations as for getting added to Artificial or Fake (bot-run) playlists. They not only do any good in any way like royalties or numbers (as distributors remove them anyway) they also ruin your precious algorithm and artist connections. That's why we are strictly against it and actively report if we come across any. Also no PAYOLA i.e. we are also strictly against payment for placement! It’s against the platform T.O.S.s also and rightly so. The streams/listeners come from listeners we promote via - Our evergrowing indie artist communities targeted social media ads promotions, collaborations with highly reputed PR sites and blogs, and places we cater music to in collaboration with retail shops, cafes, restaurants, malls, and so on; last but not the least audience and traffic we drive through our supportive activities and website, etc.

Submit your music now, through the channels (links) we provide below and whichever suits your needs and strategy, and you might get some attractive offers! We like to hear how you compare your music with the music on the playlists, so go through the music on our playlists first to get an idea. And that's how we take submissions mainly, so as to filter decent quality submissions. But, don't get disappointed! If you think your music is good, you can also reach out directly to us via Contact on the home page for consideration. Thanks!







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